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The Healthcare Loop is a curated daily email digest based on keywords chosen by each user. The sources are selected for credibility and accuracy.

The best way to use The Healthcare Loop is to setup daily email digests – brief news headlines based on keywords you choose.

Originally developed by PYA as an internal tool, its value quickly became evident outside of the organization.

“We see The Healthcare Loop as an innovative way to track and organize the mass of information that’s being generated by the healthcare industry on a daily basis,” PYA President Edward Pershing said. “The original idea was for something quick and easily accessible for physicians, healthcare administrators, attorneys, and others whose primary interests are in healthcare. As we developed the site, it became apparent that journalists, bloggers or anyone else with an interest in healthcare reform might find it useful. It’s available to everyone and there’s no subscription fees or other costs to use it.”

In addition to Pershing, PYA executives that frequently offer commentary are Marty Brown, managing principal of consulting services; James Lloyd, principal; and Carol Carden, principal.

Founded in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1983 as a public accounting firm, PYA soon formed a consulting service line to assist healthcare providers and hospital administrators with the impact of managed care and other changes in the industry. Today,  Modern Healthcare ranks PYA as one of the nation’s Top 10 privately-held healthcare consulting firms, serving clients from offices in Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta, Kansas City, and Tampa Bay.

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